Thursday, March 8, 2012

Compiling Bonobo.Git.Server from Source

After downloading Bonobo.Git.Server source code:

I experienced a few problems getting started.

I suspect that just installing the following will allow you get to business immediately:
but here is the path I took...

Problem 1:
I was not able to open the project.  It reported this error in VS2010:
Error : The Project Type is not supported by this Installation

Solution 1:
Edit  Bonobo.Git.Server / Bonobo.Git.Server / Bonobo.Git.Server.csproj and remove
{e53f8fea-eae0-44a6-8774-ffd645390401}; from ProjectTypeGuids

Problem 2:
A lot of web dependencies are missing, and the "Install Web Components" button does not work in VS2010

Solution 2:
Install Microsoft Web Platform

Problem 3:
Error 175: The specified data store provider cannot be found, or is not valid.

Solution 3:
Install ADO.NET 2.0 Provider for SQLite





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